(The Hammer)

The official Transmission of the Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild.

9804.15____________________________________________Vol.2/No.4 Part One

 Birth of a Blade

Before a weapon is
          the soul of a warrior,
                              it is first
                           the heart of the craftsman.
Forged with the heat
                  of passion,
   Cooled with
      blood tainted sweat,
  Shaped with a
       vision of perfection,
              as the master wields the hammer.

                                  M'Ikiro 1-19-98

Greetings !
I welcome all of you who appreciate the seductive curves and radiant warmth of steel fashioned into the perfect Klingon blade - the 'etlh vaQqu' !! Whether you are fortunate enough to create your own custom weapons, aspire to learn the art or just want to associate with blade-smiths, *The Guild* is here to serve you and the Empire.

This month we continue the construction of the Sword of Kahless and the standard bat'leth. This month we will be dealing with cleaning up the cut-out , grinding the bevels and putting the final polish on the blades.

This month will also have an *Editorial*. Many of you have written with questions concerning *sales pitches* encountered while trying to buy Klingon weapons and I'd like to give you as much help as possible in sifting through what is important and what is not.


I hope you enjoy it. As always your comments and input are welcome.
mupwI' yI'uchtaH !! (Keep holding the hammer ! )

K'Daq son of Toragh

Master of the Heart of Kri'stak


In recent weeks several members of the *Guild* have expressed confusion over terminology used by various producers of Klingon edged weaponry. Although there are several different phrases used , I am going to concentrate on three of them - 1. The *best* metal, 2. *Real weapon* and 3.*Fully Functional weapon.

We'll touch on the metal issue first because I've gone over this before and this is a common area of confusion. In knifemakeing there are a number of suitable metals for making blades. These all have the common factor of being heat treatable to a hard edge (in order to sharpen to and hold a razor edge). The debate over which material is the *best* has been going since they first started making blades. There is no *best*. Each metal has its own good points and bad points. Spring steel, tool steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel - they all produce similar edges (when properly handled).

What I think is more important is : Do you need a razor edge on a weapon the size of a bat'leth? The answer is no. Historically weapons of this mass were not sharpened to a razor edge. Their mass provided sufficient force to allow them to sever limbs and crush skulls........in fact, having a soft steel actually made the weapon more able to withstand the great forces of combat. So if you don't *need* a razor edge you now have available to you a greater number of products, including titanium.

*Real* Weapons.

Lets move right into this topic because it ties directly into the *best* metal one. What is a *real* Klingon weapon ? Nobody knows. This is a race taken from a Science Fiction Saga. Granted, it is a glorious race but it has technology that we can't even begin to understand. The Empire has warp drive, matter transporters and cloaking devices..........don't you think they have improved on their metallurgy ? I wouldn't attempt to guess the exact make-up of their blade metals. So with this is mind we can only use our human knowledge to create a suitable alternative. To me *real* means the weapon follows standard construction techniques used in current weaponry. Pick up a book on the subject of knifemaking(or hang around the Guild) and study how modern blades are put together - you'll notice differences immediately between the *props* of Hollywood and proper knife construction. However, we aren't discussing *props*. The artists involved in the production of major sci-fi films do wonderful work on tight budgets and the product they create does it's job superbly. As fans.......and as *suppliers* to fans we have to create a product that functions within the realm of reality. Therefore a *real* weapon should be made with proper design techniques, proper surface dimensions and comfortably strong/durable handles. It does you no good to have a Damascus Sword of Kahless if it is 1/16th of an inch thick and wrapped in naughahyde if you seek *reality* based weapons.

*Fully Functional Weapon*

This one makes me laugh. What the heck is a fully functional weapon ? If you break into my house and I pick up a dining room chair and break your head with it - then it's a FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEAPON ! I cut my finger off with my bandsaw - thats a FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEAPON ! I can cut out a full sized pattern of a standard Klingon bat'leth from 1/16th brass plate and I promise it can be sharpened enough to cut your head off - that must make it a fully functional weapon as well. Not to belabor the point but when coming home from Toronto Trek in 1996 I was stopped at the airport and told I would have to surrender my *weapon* - they were pointing to my cane!

*Reality Check*. We aren't likely to join a Klingon battle line and lop off Cardassian's heads. These weapons are never going to get the test of the true Klingon warrior. The important thing is that your dream....whatever it is......is enhanced by the product you buy or create. No one can tell you what YOU want and nobody can know what is important to you except YOU. That includes me.


What kind of finish do you think is correct for a Meq'leth? I tried a matte finish but I couldn't get it even across the whole surface , I've done it on knives and it looks good .
Even the mirror polish is "cloudy" looking in certain spots , and even the buffing compound is leaving "scratches" on the surface. Could this be caused by somthing I've done , or is this inherant in the softer stainless steels?


Greetings honored one,

I prefer the matte finish on my blades as well. I think it has been pointed out in many instances that a shiny blade can easily give a warrior's position away.

I think the *cloudy* problem is due to an irregular steel. Its probably been subjected to a variety of heats in cutting and grinding (and maybe even just while laying around) and this is going to make each area polish differently.

The scratches sound more like either a contaminated buffing wheel or possibly left over scratch marks from the last belts used. Ideally you should have a different wheel for each type of compound (but who has that kind of set-up or time). I have three different wheels, but I only use one . My buffing station is close to my bench grinder and the titanium throws a bunch of debris around. I have found that it gets all over the wheel and subsequently *screws* up any compounds I use on it. Try running the wheel against a blank of scrap before loading it up with compound - that might help keep stray particles out of the *mix*.


batlh nuqneH K'Daq,

Here is the web address for anyone who wants to see pictures of the HammerHead Armory Bat'telhs:

Also, I found the name of the people here in Alabama who makes Exotic Weapons. The name of the company is Skippy's Toys and the owner is a woman. I have left a message on her machine to give me a call back. Will let you know how it went.


Greetings Prophet,

Thanks for the info. Hmmmmm somehow *Skippy's Toys* doesn't strike up images of glorious battles.......but ya never know. Good luck.


batlh nuqneH K'Daq,

Well, I have just purchased my first (Did I say FIRST?)BatleH. I went a head & got the one Dean Bradshaw (HovLoD) was working on for me. I really couldn't pass up on a Stainless, 3/16'of an inch thick, polished sword for $193.00 bucks !!! Well when I get the sword I'll send you my impressions of the piece. I won't be doing a lot of Tournements with this one, but I will take if down from time to time, and make up my own qlorious tales of the other warriors (klingons and non-klingons) who have fallen victom to my "Blade". Sounds like Ive had to much Bloodwine, huh? Well I am excited and I can't wait to get my little Klingon paws on it !!! Do you know if K'Beck is making weapons for procurement as well? Anyway, thanx for letting a me bend your Klingon ear (or should I say eyes) for a few minutes. Chat with you soon!!!!


Excellent ! The Prophet is armed.

I'm sure you will be suitable impressed with your first blade. I am happy that HovLod could help you out. I'm not sure what K'Beck's status is. I'm sure he could answer you better than I. I know he is busily making weapons for his shipmates. Perhaps that will eventually lead into weapons for others. I just don't know.


batlh nuqneH K'Daq,

I have two questions for you and they both deal with the Daqtagh or if you prefer Federation Standard Klingon, the d'k tahg. So here are my questions:

1. You have a picture of the Daqtagh on your website that favors the ones we see on tv. Who made the handle for you? And how do I get my hands on one just like it? I want an authentic looking Daqtagh and not one of those Phoenix knives I see in the knife magazines or mail order catalogs.

2. Can you tell me about Mold Forging? I have a friend who just bought one of the Phoenix knives, and they could see where the mold for the blade didn't break clean from it. Said they would have to do some cleaning on the blade to get that stuff off. What are the PROS & CONS of MOLD FORGING?

As always, thank you for your time, and I await your reply.

Qapla' !!!!!!!!


******* Greetings K'Mpaq,

An excellent Klingon name.

All of my weapons are custom made here at Kri'stak. With the exception of the steel used in the blades, all of the parts are made here from a variety of materials. The hanlde of the d'k tahg was carved from a block of synthetic called *mycarta*. You'll be seeing the material again in the *yan* and the *Movak*. Whenever I come across a Klingon knife with that particular *futuristic* type handle material, I use mycarta. I'd be happy to share the plans for the knife itself, but I won't be making any of them unless my arthritis clears up (which isn't likely) - too many small parts

As for question number two, the marks you can see on the *Phoenix* aren't mold marks, they're marks from the grinding wheels. You'll see this type of thing on mass produced blades that are run through a series of machines in their production. Thats why they cost $39.00. As far as I know there is no practical way to *mold* cast a steel blade. In ancient times iron might have been refined and then *cast* - hence *cast iron* but steel is a different *beast* all together. You have to remember that steel is actually a complex mixture of carbon and iron along with a variety of trace elements to produce desired characteristics. Knife quality steel is produced by mills under controlled environments and then sometimes altered by the smith at a forge, but as for casting a steel blade --- I've never heard of that done.


My Friend,

I have located a page that has people listed that produce various type of Klingon merchandise. I have not attempted to look up all of the sites but I did notice that they listed two companies who have run into problems with our friends<> at Paramount. Pacific Warriors and Golden Age Products. Golden Age makes swords and I ran upon a guy who has pictures of a Bat'leth & Sword of Kahless that he got from this company. They are awsome pieces and its a shame that Paramont is shutting these people down, instead of licensing them and taking a percentage. Anyway, there is an web address for this page at the bottom of this mail, and you can post it with a disclaimer on your site. Or just send it out to all the other guild members. They might find a use for it. Well its after 6pm in Birmingham, and I need to be at home packing. Im moving on Friday. But don't worry about the blueprints you are snail mailing me. The address you have is the place am going to be moving to. Gonna go and take care of my Grandpa for a while. Talk with you soon.

Competitors and Others

[Resource] [Home] [Medals] [Weapons] [Miscelania]

Kordite's Metal Things is a one man foundry and so can only make so many things and those that areappropriate to the art of casting. I offer this listing of places that resin pins, weapons and other accessories can be obtained. Tell 'em Kordite sent you. You won't get a discount but it will improve my reputation.

This list is not necessarily an endorsement of the following dealers but if I really had something against any one of these guys, I wouldn't list them.

QeyneH's Armory
Klingon weapons in aircraft grade aluminum, Acid etching, anodizing and custom orders.
Kenneth L. Hasty, 513-258-9067

Tosach zantai-Nua
CO of the IKV Kuhtun, Tosach produces wooden betleHmey and really cool betleH-shaped uniform hangers.
jerrym@incboard.org (e-mail address)

The Klingon Assault Group Official betleH Training Video
Presents a weapon kata repeatedly and from many different angles. VHS video is $23. betleH patterns are available for $5 to easily make practice weapons from 1/2 inch plywood.
David Hess, Box 57076 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222.

Pacific Warriors, Inc.
Publishers of "Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race," a manual for the betleH weapon form. Far more intensive and step-by-step than the KAG Official Video. The book is $16+$3 S&H. Very fine production value. Three additional books were to be in the works, including meq'etlh, open-hand techniques and pairs practice forms.
P.O. Box 1410, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

UPDATE: By order of Paramount/Viacom, all copies in stock of this book were destroyed as Paramount claims exclusive use of the Klingon Language for all but private purposes. Too bad they're acting like such jerks. There may be a few copies still floating around out there, snatch them up if your see them before Paramount's Copyright Gestapo find out.

Golden Age Productions
Unfortunately, GAP's 'alien' line of weapons has been shut down by Viacom/Paramount's campaign against copyright infringement, trademark violations and their general attitude towards internet suppression.

Klingon weapons in steel and aluminum.
P.O. Box 49592, Atlanta, GA 30359 770-498-3667

Captain Mike
Klingon weapons in 1/2 inch plywood.
http://members.aol.com/mike3142/products.htm (not on the web)

The Next Frontier Warrior's Outfitters
Uniforms and resin cast pins and medals. Their resin-work is of very fine quality with clean edges, no bubbles and smooth finish. Highly recommended.
4181 Potomac, Abilene, TX 79605 800-633-4314

qeylIn's: Uniforms for the Empire and Beyond. and The Imperial Headsman Custom tailored uniforms, cloaks, sashes and bracers.
They also do custom headpieces. QEYLIN@aol.com(email)
1830 Salem Ave. Dayton, OH 45406 937-277-1635

Artifacts by q'IDar
Custom crafted uniforms, jewelry and accessories. Her pins and medals have a rough but very attractive, handmade look.
1040 N. Third Ave. St. Charles, IL 60174 708-513-1636

IKV Crystal Dagger
This KAG ship produces Worf-type sash kits. For $25 you can do it yourself (it took me about three days) or for $50 they'll assemble it. When done it weighs just under 5 pounds. Impressive. They also have uniform and command cloak patterns.
qob@frontiernet.net (E-Mail)



Once again, thanks for your excellent detective work. As always the Guild does not endorse anyone's production site, but these certainly give the membership plenty of possible artists to examine themselves.


batlh nuqneH K'Daq

Okay, I got one more to add to the Weapons Directory. It is Wing Lam Enterprises Inc. They are located in California. This is the guy who made the betleH for HetaQ (aka - Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race). Well, he use to do Custom betleH, but now they only offer the betleH in aluminium (What is up with the Coke can swords?)and in only one configuration (talked to the Customer Service Dept on the phone today). They cost $160.00, and if they are look like the ones in the book, it is a nice design. They have a website & that address is:


They can also be reached at 1-800-700-3698. People can call for more info & get added to the mailing list to get the lates catalog, which has the betleH listed in it. Now its question time. Besides being a cheap way to produce swords (that are basiclly non-functional) why are betleH makers creating them in aluminium? I guess the only way I'm gonna get a *Functional* betleH is to pay a lot of money (which I don't have) and get a reputable craftsmen to make one for me. Well, Im through gripping now. Look forward to hearing from you soon.




Thanks again Prophet. It is unfortunate that Master Lam can no longer make the custom blades. He has the advantage of knowing the needs of the warrior from his first hand experience in the martial arts.

Now I can expound on the editorial posted at the beginning of this month's *mupwI'*.

There are a variety of reasons that fans desire a bat'leth. Some are collectors of fine knives and demand technical excellence. Some visit a lot of conventions and desire to complete their *look* with a class weapon. If you have ever gone to a weekend convention and tried to lug a quarter inch steel sword around with you, you'll know how quickly your fun turns into a *nightmare*. The main reason aluminum swords are made is weight. It's a metal sword but it's light. Yes it does look like aluminum but to most it looks better than plywood and its more durable. The important aspect of being a Klingon is to *enjoy* being a Klingon ! Klingons live life to the fullest. We do not like to be bothered with trivial aspects of *real* life. In order to portray an imaginary race created in a science fiction saga one must be prepared to make *allowances*.


Lose my url's? :) Or just to busy screen capturing that pretty blade to add me in? ROFL here's the url again in case it didn't take the other times.


I'm getting some links up and an explanation page up now, I hope to get the pictures of the Forge's Banner that I designed and the Love of my Life sewed for me developed and scanned onto the site by next week. I picked up some leaf spring steel to play with this week :) hope to be making lots of noise and mess here soon.

may'qel AKA Dennis


Wellllll Ok you caught me. I will always choose the blade when it is dangled in front of me.

Naaaaah. I'm just a *dummard*. Been breathing too many fumes from the volcano. I lost your URL along with a few others. I hope this will complete the list of *lost* members.

As you and the members probably know, I've gotten your banner up on the site. It is nice to have a true love to do the sewing . I look forward to seeing your project as it progresses. It will be a glorious addition to the Guild site. I wish you Qapla' on your efforts.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I now updated my web page with some new pictures from Stellar Con . Feel free to send comments , critics , heckles , or cash . }}:-)


LT. K'beck tai DevnoH
Tim Coy


Greetings old friend,

Shhhhhhhhhh. Its tax time........don't mention cash.


I finally borrowed a friend's jigsaw, and fitted it with a metal cutting blade. It did a decent job of cutting the aluminum batleth which is 3/16" thick. Thus far, this is the most time effcient method of cutting this thickness of aluminum, when compared against a jeweler's saw, a grinder, a cutoff wheel, and a plasma cutter.

Only drawback is that one has to control the saw by hand, and overcome the vibration.

I think I will try to make it to Praxis - I think i can. Planning for saturday.

Priestess of the Order of the Chakram


Greetings Priestess,

I'm happy to hear you're making some progress. Your comments regarding the different cutting devices are interesting. I think most of us would prefer the accuracy and clean line of a saw. As for the plasma cutter - I think it is an advantage when coupled with some type of automated control device. If it is used freehand, it is no better than a glorified torch (except it cuts more types of materials). I watched a worker cut 2 inch thick titanium with an acetylene torch and the lines were incredible. I think time with the tools has an affect on the results as well.

I'm not even going to tell you how pitiful my torch cuts look......give me a saw.

I look forward to seeing you at Praxis. We'll look for you on Saturday.


Hi There, Kdaq! good to have heard something from you..

I do advise you to be careful not only with piles of titanium dust, but aluminium and iron have the same firey breath. It is generally used in pyrotechnics, by some persons who think they can blow up something without killing themselves. I did an extensive search on that item, when I was a little bit younger (yes, even I am getting older ). I never got around to make anything worse than a water-gun filled with fuel, but I learned something, O, yes (more info??? needed on my technics of how to get myself killed??) Anyway, just be careful, I heard aluminium dust mixed with iron dust can make quite a mess out of you(r place). I also dropped by to make sure my design came trough. You might have dropped me a note, but at the time *they* were busy *fixing* their network.

Anyway, that's all I can think of, and I'll go and search for a fine piece of steel at the local little scrapyard, which I bumped into, and I've heard of a public building with some tools for handling metal quite near me, which I'll try to find in the coming month. You might think that it's a bit long, but I just got some school results, and, although I'm in the highest form of high school (I don't know what it's called in English, but we have a dif- ferent school system anyway), they were very bad. If I go on like this, I'll have to redo this form, which doesn't appeal me. (still following it?, I know, My English isn't even near good) anyway, I just need some time.. That's it for now, Greetings! And since I don't have the cash for my trip, I won't be joining you on Praxis... I do regret it. Bye!!!

Greetings Brian,

No need to worry, I have some experience with pyrotechnics as well as knife making. The same friend who taught me forging, taught me how to make display fireworks. The largest I have made is an eight inch multi-break shell, but he has gone on to make some very large and very beautiful displays.

The dangerous aspect of the titanium dust is that the grinding belts generate enough heat to ignite it. With the other metals, the material doesn't retain enough heat to smolder and ignite other dust. At any rate, a clean shop makes for a better work environment.

Good luck in your metal search. The scrap yard is a terrific source.

Have you sent me a copy of your design ? If you have I have not received it. It would look nice posted on the Guild site.


Hello There:

I have been a knife maker for many years and a klingon fan for quite some time.( Actually right now I am watching Worf get married on TV ) Have you any knowledge of throwing weapons for Klingons also is there a page that I can get from your establishment.

P.S. May your dk'tag always be used honorably and fly true.

Greetings honored one,

It is always a glorious day when we can welcome another craftsperson to the Guild. I liked the *wedding episode* but it needed more weapons in it.

I have never actually seen a knife thrown at another warrior but I have seen numerous instances of knives being thrown into tables etc. as forms of challenge. The Klingon language does address the process of throwing weapons (spears specifically), so it isn't a foreign concept to a Klingon, but it might get too close to that *honor line*. ie Is it honorable to throw a weapon at an enemy. This is a gray area that usually changes to suit the speaker's own opinions. It is not honorable to strike an enemy from behind, but it is OK to fly hidden in a cloaked vessel ? I tend to think each case has to be judged on it's own merits. If it is OK to shoot an enemy with a disruptor then it would seem to me that using a knife as a projectile would also be OK. Thats MY opinion.

With that out of the way you have to decide which Klingon blade you're going to throw. For the most part Klingon blades are very asymetric and not suited to throwing, but a few do exist. The d'k tahg is a very balanced blade, but my thoughts on that choice are that a warrior is much more lethal when he retains his grip on a d'k tahg. Kurn and Martok are both seen using smaller blades that don't fit any known descriptive term and they seem adaptable to throwing. I am currently finishing one up for the Praxis exhibit and will have it up on the Guild site in a few weeks. MAybe I'll go out in the back yard and chunk it a few times so I can report on its value as a *thrower*.

The future will bring some original designs that fill this area of need. I look forward to your input as a new Guild member.


Greetings Honored Guild Master,

Tell me what you think of this. You may have seen in some mail order knife & sword catalogs a Ninja sword with a black (parkerized) stainless steel blade. Now, we know that the Sword of Kahless (as seen on DS9) resembled a blade made from Damascus steel. How hard would it to be to make a Sword of Kahless & parkerize it. The only reflection on the blade would be from the shapend edge? Give me your thoughts on this. I always look forward to your replys.

May your blood scream !!!!!!


Greetings honored one,

I think a parkerized finish would look terrific on any large Klingon weapon. I am not entirely familiar with the process but I think it is just another type of *annodization*. If thats the case you'd just need a tank large enough to hold the blade and that shouldn't be too big a problem.

You could also use the black finish to allow for detailed family emblem inscription. Sort of engrave your blade without removing a lot of metal. The possibilities are interesting.


Greetings honored one!

Here's just a small QUESTION, made by me, and concerning weapons. I was at school today (nothing new so far), and while I was snooping around during Handi- craft, I found a big piece of aluminium. The only drawback was that it's only 1.5 mm thick. I thought maybe it would be better if I could place two pieces side by side and thereby making it 3.0 mm thick. And here comes the question: how do I do that. My teacher suggested metal glue, but I don't think it'll be to steady. By the way, Since I must get on with the project, (for else my teacher will freak out) I have decided to wait one week for improvements and then I'll start cutting the original design. So if there are any ideas.... I beg (read: shout) you to post them quickly.

Anyway, greetings and good luck with everything



OK forget metal glue. As soon as you flexed the blade or applied any heat (either in shaping or polishing) the glue wood deteriorate.

Hmmmmm 1.5 mm is thin. Well I have two ideas - but this is really stretching it.

1. Cut out the pattern (tape both pieces together and cut two profiles at one time ) and then weld along the edges. This requires that you can weld aluminum - one of the harder items to weld and along a 1.5mm thickness.........well it'll probably burn a lot.

2. You could use a combination of rivets and welds to hold the two pieces together. I use rivets to make half inch pommels from quarter inch stuff all the time. Just use aluminum rivets and they'll grind invisible when you polish the piece.

Now I'm not talking about raised head or aircraft type rivets. These are merely lengths of aluminum rod that you peen out in holes specially prepared for them. Drill a hole the diameter of the rod and then use a countersink on it (but just barely). This creates a flared opening and when you hammer the rod end it mushrooms out and grips the pieces together. Then when you sand it the material literally disappears among the other metal.

If you placed the rivets right behind the edge where the bevel will start (about half an inch) you probably won't need to weld anything at all.

Sorry I couldn't be more optimistic abvout this. Its a tough problem, but its one you'll run across many times while making knives. We always need something thicker than we've got. If you can get the *hang* of the last suggestion it will serve you well in the future.

mupwI' yI'uchtaH


I am submitting for your approval my forge name:Blue Fire(SuD'QuL). It is an honor for me to have been awarded the rank of Master in the Guild. I am planning to start making the Warrior's Style bat'leth with my own little touch in design. I'll be using aluminum this time. I also went to the Star Trek Experience two weeks ago. If you ain't been you need to go. There is nothing like it in the Cosmos. Once again I thank you very much.

There is glory in the Impire. Qapla!!!!

Excellent naming HovLoD !

Your reputation warrants your position. I look forward to seeing the *touches* you add to the bat'leth.


mupwI' yI'uchtaH !!

*mupwI'* Volume 2/ Number 4/ Part Two