The Guild's first *meeting* took place in Pennsylvania in May of 1998. *Praxis* was fortunate that we chose it as our rendevous point. I thank all of my honored friends who made the trip to this *resort*. Meeting you all made this a success.

Group Photo - It was hard getting all of together at one sitting. Unfortunately on this occasion we missed the Ambassador, the Chancellor , Roger "The Magician", and K'Laws (Koot'L's young warrior). If we look *surly* its because we just found out the Terran definition of *resort*.

Kaatje gets her axe. The Great-great grand-daughter of K'Daq.

Roger "The Magician" and Suzilla

"The Magician" meets Robin Curtis. It was a real pleasure for us all to meet Ms Curtis.

Suzilla meets Robin Curtis.

K'Daq and his son T'Daq. Beware the smiling Klingon - this one is a handful.

The *Guest Stars* of Praxis - all but Chekov (he was very elusive).

K'Beck and Krull guarding the exhibit.

K'Beck taking time to charm a local Terran.

More guard duty. A spirited discussion over which weapon is best - a meqleH or a jey'naS.

More guard duty. "Larry the Klingon" has been spotted.

Suzilla doing guard duty.

The guards spot Larry.....again !

A very tired K'Daq unpacking blades. Thats correct - the lights are on, but nobody is home.

The center display of the exhibit. Titanium Sword of Kahless, titanium tajtIq, the Ambassador's jeqqIj (which is crowned with a Kri'stak Dragon head), and K'Beck's meqleH.

Titanium 'alngegh and stainless tajtIq on mounted display. Below the mounted display you can finally see the pommel of the ceremonial spear - a Kri'stak Dragon matching the Ambassador's.

A display of meqleHmey'

jey'naS and m'veQ

Suzilla's betleH

The Classic yan

The last series of photos need a quick explanation. K'Daq was crowned the "Prince of Praxis" (probably because the Guild and the exhibit were the only people who actually produced what they said they would). Suzilla and Koot'L decided to honor K'Daq with a dance - at least I hope that was the idea. What we didn't know was that my kidney had already shut down at this point and my peculiar looks were partially due to my shy nature and partially due to my body reacting to the toxins building up. The crowd loved the dance and so did I.

The "dance"

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More photos of this first Guild meeting will be posted as soon as they are developed and scanned. The bizarre nature of the weekend has resulted in some confusion as to where the pictures actually are. My thanks go to "The Magician" and Suzilla for this first series of pics.