Family Histories

As the Guild grows, we will try to enhance camaraderie by publishing histories of our members (both Klingon and Terran). It is not necessary to develop a family history to be a Guild member, but it does help to solidify an image of you as a fellow crafts person and Klin.

K'Daq son of Toragh

Toragh fought with Kahless against the Tyrant Molar in the battles that were to unite the Klingon Houses and form the Empire itself. He was the most respected metal-smith of his time and was called upon to make the sword that Kahless had seen in his dream. This became the first bat'leth and was used to by Kahless to defeat Molar.

After Molar was defeated Kahless asked Toragh to take any of the tyrant's possessions as payment and Toragh refused saying "I want nothing that miserable petaQ has called his own."

As a matter of honor, Kahless insisted that Toragh name a payment. He thought about it for a moment and replied "I will take the land from the western peak of Kri'stak to the waters of Lursor as payment."

"So be it !" Kahless replied, "Our debt is settled." "You are an honorable warrior and my good friend.......your request will be honored."

Toragh built his house in the shadows of Kri'stak and used the *blood* of Qo'noS itself to forge his weapons. The secrets of Toragh have been passed down through the generations and now reside with K'Daq - an ancient Klingon warrior.

Through treachery the House of Toragh has almost vanished from the Empire. When K'Daq reached the *Age of Wisdom* he petitioned for and was welcomed into the House of Kasara. It was his desire to spend the end of his days working among honorable Klin - looking for one to which he could pass the gift of the blade.

The Five Blades

With tired hands K'Daq finished polishing the last of the five weapons of honor (a tajtIq) and placed it alongside the other four - an 'algnegh, a QIS, a jeqqIj and a 'aqleH. It was as if a tremendous weight was lifted from his aged shoulders. Five weapons , five warriors, five friends - each as different as the east is from the west but together they made a formidable unified force. It was this force that had sustained the ancient Klingon for so long.

Years ago K'Daq had undergone the Rite of MajQa. The vision of his father had told him that it was not his place to join the Black Fleet - that in Sto-Vo-Kor he would be known for his blades. For all eternity he would supply blades for the greatest warriors of the Empire.

It seemed rather disappointing at first. The Black Fleet was every warrior's right, but after a time K'Daq realized that his spirit lived through each blade he created. He was actually able to experience the Black Fleet from the viewpoints of thousands of warriors. So his inevitable passing on to eternity was now an event he looked forward to.

The five warriors would be guardians of his spirit until he made the final journey. after which the blades would be there to guide them and to free them to fight with the strength of a dozen warriors.

Kri'stak, mountain of legend, I will miss you.


K'Beck writes.......I am from a Romulan prison camp. My Mother (whose name I have promised to keep secret) was captured in the attack on Khitomer and after taking a Romulan mate in the prison camp, I was the result of their union.  I was returned to Qo'noS with several others by Worf. Now I am learning the culture of my home world. My father was against this and I will never reveal his name either so as to protect his house on Romulas. I presently have no house that I can claim, perhaps the house of Toragh will find me worthy? Or perhaps the House SaqIm?

Morac and the House of Kale

House Kale has a long history that dates back to pre-spacefaring daysof the empire . House Kale is not a large house but has much honor. Recently things have not gone well for House Kale. My "Father" dishonored our house by his cowardly retreat in battle. He was killed when challenged by the first officer of the bird of prey he commanded - for his cowardice he died and now Morac is head of house and is considering joining house Kassara.

House Kasara

So many of the guild-members are members of or owe a great deal to the House Kasara that I felt it fitting to honor it this month. Especially fitting since it is the first issue of a new year and thoughts of the friendships that have grown from my fortunate contact and acceptance by the truly honorable warrior who now leads the House of Kasara - Lady K'Zin epetai Kasara.

The origins of this family line date back approximately two centuries ago when it was a predominately Imperial Klingon line. As a Major Family Line, House Kasara is a forerunner of innovation in the Klingon Empire; it actively promotes the superiority of females in many fields and encourages them to achieve highly. As such, there are many highly placed Kasaras in the Empire who are female; the most famous is the current Head of the Line, Thought Admiral Kamla epetai Kasara; a strong woman who is loyal to the Empire and dedicated to the cause of the Grand Alliance. The first female head of House Kasara, she is also one of the few female Admirals to be found in the Empire. This but emphasizes her skills in leadership and her power within the *Komerex*.

Admiral Kamla was recently granted a seat on the Klingon High Council, partly due to the growing influence of the *Kasara Alliance*; a network of major Klingon lines allied through consortships, adoptions and friendship pacts. Currently, the *Kasara Alliance* has connections with the following family lines: Baclar, Cheghjihtah, De'Hal, Dyzala,Decara, G'Bcyn, Jev, K'Hoska, K'YaRT'ash, Subaiesh and T'aw.

Also in a notable position is the heiress to the line, the Lady K'Zin epetai Kasara, eldest daughter to Admiral Kamla. Lady K'Zin currently holds the influential position as the Klingon Ambassador to Terra and heads the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps mission located there. She is presently consorted to the leaders of the Houses Dyzala, Decara, Jev, K'YaRT'ash and T'aw amongst others, contributing to her high status.

House Kasara has become a powerful line in the past century for many reasons, however it is also well known for its two private schools; the Kasara School of Diplomacy and the Kasara School of Military Arts; and for its large Kasara Merchant Fleet.

The House of Kasara is presently a matriarchal line and it is best not to insult or raise the ire of any high-ranked Kasara female as all have graduated from KaSMA with honours. The line seeks to embrace the ideals of the Grand Alliance and believes that all races and species have their own strengths and skills.

House Kasara is an open, extended family line with a composition of 35% Klingon/Human Fusion, 40% Imperial Klingon, 20% Klingon/Romulan Fusion and 5% other (Human , Vulcan, etc) The line is estimated to have between 30,000 to 35,000 members throughout the Empire with approximately 50+ members (as well as 150+ Kasara Alliance *relatives*) located on Terra. It welcomes new members, particularly females, who have intelligence, skill, strength, loyalty and are willing to bring honour to the line. The Terran liaison is the Heiress to the Line, Ambassador Lady K'Zin epetai Kasara and she can be reached at the following address:

The Story of may'qel

The story is my tuq's rather then mine but I will be glad to tell you of myself; may'qel means "awaits battle" this is of course the bane of a warriors existence but a necessary part of his life as he finds his way on lifes path between those defining instances where he is able to rise in battle and show his craft and spirit in its purest form.

may'qel is of a farming people on an unnamed colony world far out in the Mempa sector of the Empire. He left home on the day he became a warrior. Enlisted in the Imperial Marines and began his climb. Being tadwI' he has far outlived his family and has fought in most of the Empires major wars in the last 200 years. In this epoch the Marines have begun to keep more of their strength awake and ready then in the past. Few older Marines escaped the slow death of freezer burn from their repeated stints in cold storage. may'qel was one of the luckier ones. Some years ago he was first assigned as Marine Force Leader for the IKV BortaS on the galatic rim. During his tenure on the BortaS the crew staged a revolt against the Fleet Command. may'qel is the only surviving loyalist from the crew. He was then posted to the IKV Hand of Kahless where he continues to serve. He was sponsored to tuq Reshtarc by his line brother K'orvette sutai Reshtarc. Within months of joining the family he made an enemy of K'Paal joH. Before a year was out he stood with the House's cha'Dich in rebellion against the joH. That cha'Dich is now joH and may'qel stands as a boQDu' and advisor to the joH.

The kind of close quarters fighting that Marines are primarily employed in cause a tendency for them to be knive fighters and may'qel is no exception. A lover of a fine blade, he now begins to learn more of the art of crafting such.

House Subaiesh

House Subaiesh is a Major Family Line in the Klingon Empire. The Subaiesh have been attempting to make changes within the Empire for the last decade. By pursuading the Klingon Fusion Houses to form an Alliance for the good of all, they have managed to secure a fair degree of political power within the Empire.

The Subaiesh are leading a growing movement for improved relations with the Federation, which most Imperial Family lines have vehemently opposed, despite the initiation of the formation of a *Grand Alliance* with the United Federation of Planets. Having survived the initial political backlash of their peace efforts, the Subaiesh are determined to place as many of their line members as possible in the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, whatever it costs. From a strong position there, the line hopes to gain sufficient clout to put their plan into operation.

House Subaiesh is a member of the Kasara Family Alliance; which is a formal alliance through treaties and consortships of over a half dozen influential family lines in the Empire. These family lines are pro-Federation and pro-Grand Alliance and use their powerful influences in many aspects of the Klingon Empire to follow through on thier plans.

House Subaiesh is an extended family line composed of 65% Klingon/Human Fusions and 35% Klingon/Romulan Fusions. There are approximately 22,000 members of the Subaiesh line throughout the Empire who follow Admiral Kemarrin epetai Subaiesh as their current House Leader. There are estimated to be several dozen Subaiesh presently located on Terra. VisTar of the Guild is of the House of Subaiesh. House Subaiesh members can be identified by two parallel scars two centimeters long somewhere on the line member's person. The current Terran Head of the House is the Chancellor Stalker zantai Subaiesh of the KIDC.

K'toQ son of ngech'vo

My name is K'toQ son of ngech'vo of the mountains of the Klingon home world Qo'nos. My family has lived in these mountains for centuries. Moving from one place to another supplying houses with some of the finest weapons made, since before Kahless promised to return. Our home though, has always been the mountains. It doesn't matter where in the mountains, as long as we have the quiet solitude we need to carry out our warrior's song, the forging of weapons.

My family does not presently belong to any house, except the sword, it has almost everything a house can provide. Honor, strength, protection, unity, and if the right amount of work, sweat and blood goes into the forging of a weapon it becomes a living thing. You can feel its heart and spirit, you can feel its breath as it cuts through space, and sometimes with a truly great weapon, if you listen, you can hear it talk and sing to you. Some people think of a sword as a piece of steel necessary to do battle. My family believes the sword is not merely an extension of the person but a part of them. When steel mixes with blood and sweat there can be no parting of the ways. It gives ultimate meaning to blood oath.

I have ended up here on Terra due to my father's wishes. My ancestors have made blades for some of the greatest houses on Qo'nos, and my father and grandfather still do. When the peace talks started with the Federation and delegates were sent here to Terra, my father wanted me to come and provide the same quality blades that the houses were accustomed to on Qo'nos. He said, "Anywhere there are tlhIngans there should be tlhIngan blades. tera'ngans are as bad as verengan when it comes to weapons, they don't care how good it is as long as they can make some money." And so here I am. When I found K'Daq and he welcomed me to the guild I had finally found what I was missing from home, the company of great blade workers that know the warrior's song of the blade. I long to return to the home world but until I do the heart of Kris'tak and the guild will be my family

Listen to the song!




We combed every inch of the woods several times and didn't see a sign of the boy. I made my small troop stay an extra two days while we searched..........still no results.

When we arrived back to the house of K'rex I had the misfortune to tell K'tagh that we were unsuccessfull in finding the boy.

Several weeks went by,things kind of settled down. One night I was making my rounds of the sentries, to check on them, when I suddenly realized that I was short one guard. Well after a thorough investigation I found him,he had a rather large gash in his chest,as if someone had split him from throat to stomach,and it seemed his heart was missing. I shouted for the guard to assemble and instructed them to organize a search party to try and find the assailant...... I also informed K'tagh.While we were discussing what or who could have done this I heard a faint noise. Listening very closely it sounded like clack scrape,clack scrape,clack scrape. A Very slow soound like someone slowly sharpening a knife.I ordered several warriors to accompany me back into the woods to investigate.Several hours later reporting back to K'tagh, I told him we had searched the entire area and found not a trace of anyone.

As time went by there were several more of these visit's and after each one we heard that same noise...........clack scrape,clack scrape,clack scrape. Try as we might, we could not catch the assassin.

Lord K'tagh was very successful in attaining the lands of Kurn and turned a profit massive enough to purchase a Bird of Prey. His goal was to refit the BOP and go cruising the Romulan space lanes in search of glory,honor,and fame,but most of all wealth. I was fortunate that when the BOP was ready for departure,I was selected as part of the crew(Engineering).

Just before we left there were several more of those incidents where we lost warriors - all with gaping wounds to the chest and their hearts missing. As in each case, the clack scrape, clack, scrape clack scrape, followed the killing. It was rather disturbing to find fellow warriors that you knew for along time dead and could not catch the assassin.

Lord K'tagh hired more warriors to guard the household, and to fill in the ranks of the lost. He told me that we would be departing for the ship tomorrow morning, with first light . That night was uneventful and I had time to set tle my affairs before I departed the next morning. Lord K'tagh and I left the small planet along with 10 other crew members, to seek our glory.

I will not bore you with the months of patroling the Romulans space ways, and of the engagements that we were successful with, but we did receive some extensive damage to Engineering, and we lost several crew members to boarding party events - we needed to return home to refit ourselves.

As we approached the planet, the Imperial garrison called the ship (when we gave our clearance) to inform Lord K'tagh of dismal news........ while we were gone,the household members were being slowly assassinated, sometimes two a night.The only ones not affected were the hired warriors.And when the Imperials showed up to investigate they found nothing. Reports taken from the warriors stated that there was that noise after each killing............clack scrape,clack scrape,clack scrape.

Lord K'tagh sold everything that he owned since there was nothing to keep him there anymore.He used his funds to refit the ship and to hire more crew. After everything was set to order,Lord K'tagh told me we were departing for the last time and to settle any affairs that I had left.


The following morning: Listen to my story,please !....... time is short. I hear him coming. I belong to the house of K'rex on a small planet in the klingon galaxy far on the outskirts of the realm.There are several houses here on this world, each to their own trade. There was however, a house called....well lets not say since it doesn't exist anymore. This unknown house was doing very well for itself......the lands that it owned were very rich in mineral deposits, and other revenue's. All the other families were extremely envious of the wealth that this house was gaining.

One night I was priviledged to be on guard duty, when I was told that we would have visitors from other houses and to be courteous to them. As they arrived, I could not but wonder what was going to happen - it was highly unusal to have these houses in close proximity of each other without a battle starting.

As I stood guard on the other side of the door, I could hear arguing, but not clear voices. When what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and I was told to assemble the small garrison that I commanded. When I had assembled everyone we were told that two of the house's had united to assasinate the house we won't mention. Things happened very quickly........soldiers were pooled together,and given clear instructions on what to do...... KILL EVERYONE.

We arrived at the house just before daybreak, when we thought everyone would be asleep(to maximize our success). I and the rest of the soldiers took care of the out flanking gaurds, and let them lay where they had fallen. We were told to take up positions at every conceivable exit , and then enter the house to eliminate anyone we could find. Everything was going according to plan, when k'tem entered a small bedroom. He told me that he didn't see anyone in the room, so I turned to investigate a side room. Then I heard a noise from the room I just left. I made a quick scan of the room and turned around just in time to see what appeared to be a broom handle crash into k'tem's head which knocked him to his knees .....before I could come to his rescue, I saw a klingon youth plunge the broken end of the broomstick into the back of k'tem. It came through just about where the heart would be. As k'tem fell the youth yanked the d'k tagh away from his hand, claiming it for his own. I saw him run down the hallway to what appeared to be where the master of the house resided. I followed as quickly as I could. I turned the corner just in time to witness,K'tagh Sutai of the house of K'rex plunge his qutluch into the chest of the Sutai of the house we will not mention. Before the youth could react I slammed him from behind with the flat of my meqleH. I thought I hit him hard enough to kill him,so I went on about looking for other targets.

When the killing was over, we started to make a body count, but one of the other soldiers that was posted out front came running in yelling that an Imperial Assualt vehicle was approaching. Looking to K'tahg he told us to scatter and find our way individually back to our house and not to be caught. Out the back and into the woods we escaped. Meeting back at the vehicles we arrived in, we made our way back. As we wound down the road it came almost close enough to the house for us to see....... soldiers were pouring out the back of the assault vehicle and running into the house.Then we topped a rise and the view was lost.

That evening an Imperial vehicle showed up at the house K'rex, and a captain of the Imperial Marines came up to the door and asked to converse with K'rex. It wasn't long before the Imperial vehicle left and K'tagh called to me to arm a small hunting party. Somehow, the son of Kolotlh house of Kurn had escaped,and was still alive out there somewhere....hiding. And I was to take the party into the woods and find and eliminate the son. Having no success. we departed that small planet that I had called home for so many years.

We again took up patroling the Romulan spacelanes,we were very successful in our engagements with the enemy, but as any fight goes, you can expect to lose a few warriors to boarding parties. Lord K'tagh then decided to visit the home world of Klingons. A couple of days out from Qro'noS,I was awakened from my sleep by a familiar noise.......clack scrape,clack scrape,clack scrape. I immediately called Lord K'tagh's cabin to inform him that our assassin was on the answer to my calls. I armed myself I and ventured as quickly as I could to the lords cabin. Before I reached the cabin I heard a howl one I had heard but once before - the death howl. Somehow this one was different ......almost as though it was a challenge.

When I opened the door to Lord K'tagh's cabin I saw him lying on the floor with a very large hole in his chest....... his heart was missing. There was blood everywhere,I suddenly felt very afraid, the first time in my life I was afraid. I sat down at Lord K'tagh's personal terminal and started to tell the computer my tale that I am now telling, for I had a strange feeling that I would be the next target for assassination, since I am the last of the house of K'rex.

Now that I have finished , I feel a presence in the room with me. I know I have to face him, and I know who he is. He was part of the crew that I hired at planet fall. I didn't recognize him then, but when I stopped to think about it, he never really showed his face very much............clever young klingon.

Without turning around I ask him his name, but all I recieved was silence. I turned around to finally face him, and there he was in the shadows of the room watching me all the time.

There were curious things he said to me,......."who am I?",....."what is my real name?"........."I remember your face that night when I was so very young - you were the one who tried to kill me as I watched someone die........ I thought he was my father."

I saw him come closer,and with each step he took he came out from under the shadows.He was holding a very large d'k tahg and it looked very sharp....oh yes, very sharp. He was standing right in front of me......I tried to grab my d'k tahg , but he was quicker. The very sharp point of that big d'k tahg of his was under my throat

so incredibly fast I was stunned. Very slowly he asked me his name.....I thought I would have the last revenge by not telling him his true name. That was the last thing I remembered as that big knife cut my throat.

As I slowly died I heard him HOWL and cry at the same time that vengence was not complete, that some day he would arrive at STO VO KOR, find us all again, and kill us even slower than before. I'm so tired now I think I'll sleep. I close my eye's for the last time................


A young klingon warrior standing in the Captains cabin looks down at the last two faces of the people who he remembered as destroying his life. Other crew members come racing into the room only to find two dead bodies and no one else. As the third in command answers the call from Qro'noS for identification, he informs those of higher rank what has transpired aboard the ship.

"As soon as you land report to the garrison commander with all crew members", he was told.

When they arrived, it seemed that they were short one crew member..............


Out on the hillside overlooking the spaceport , a young klingon gazes around and stares at the sights.

"This is a beautiful world, I think I'll enjoy it here. But what is my name? Oh well I'll call myself QOLOTLH. Sounds good, don't you think?" ................................................

clack scrape, clack scrape, clack scrape................

M'Ikiro Toshiro Kasara Dok'marr

[Staff Officer M'IkiroToshiro, Kasara Dok'marr

Paternal Line Description :


House Type: Closed

Human = 100% Japanese

Age: Early Earth 16th century

House Insignia: An exposed decorative samurai sword holding a snow crowned

mountain in it's curve with a delicate fan laying open against the summit's base.

This is the flag of a warrior who respects the earth while appreciating the traditional arts.


Maternal Line Description:

Kasara: (noted for it's development of strong females within the Empire.)

Composition: Various Fusion's

Line epetai: Ambassador Lady K'Zin Kasara

Consort Line Description:

Dok'Marr: (political view is not in favor with the Federation alliance.)

House Type: Extended

Age: Approx. 100 years

Imperial Klingons = 70%

Fusions = 30%


Personal Information:


I am M'Ikiro, I am as a mirror for I reflect many. The soul of my Father, Yoshi, tradition and honor were his direction. The mind of my Mother, V'Atra, logic and strength blended only as a Vulcun/Klingon fusion could be. The face of my sister, K'Evla, my parallel, my twin. The heart of my consort, K'Vol a warrior after the mettle of my father

My sister and I were raised in Japan, in the ancient tradition and the way of Bushido until mid-teens. Upon my father's death my mother, V'Atra (the Klingon Ambassador to Global Sector) returned with us to the homeworld and the house of her birth. The Noble clan Kasara, a powerful matriarchal house, had it's own academy. We were educated literally around the clock in our chosen field of interest, security. The studies consisted of, researching weaponry, diplomacy, self defense-offense, surveillance, tactical, psychology, infiltration, coding, basic galactic languages and Klingon history. Upon graduation K'Evla, who's heart burned with a warriors lust, joined the Imperial Klingon Navy. Her service caught the eyes of her superiors. She is now Commander of the Fourth Fleet and Captain of the Flagship, The Steel Cobra. I on the other hand chose the level headed adventure within diplomatic service. The Line House of Kasara offered a position within security. The Ambassador, The Lady K'Zin then enlisted my services as a Staff Officer. I welcome the duties required of this office and enjoy serving my House and Ambassador. Over the years I have cultivated closeness with some of my house cousins. As rare flowers, I cherish them. Stopping from time to time to appreciate their beauty, to drink in their essence.


My life is good, my loyalties are firm. May the naked stars bear witness.