Members' Gallery

The Guild is hard at work. Whether skilled craftsman or novice, every member has dreams of glorious weapons to share with the Empire. All stages of the process - from early sketches to the final product - are important to us and are proudly displayed here. In addition, we have members who are gifted in other areas of creativity and their works will also find places of honor among these pages.

 Birth of a Blade

Before a weapon is
          the soul of a warrior,
                              it is first
                           the heart of the craftsman.
Forged with the heat
                  of passion,
   Cooled with
      blood tainted sweat,
  Shaped with a
       vision of perfection,
              as the master wields the hammer.

                                  M'Ikiro 1-19-98

K'Beck - Master of "The BloodyHammer"

d'k tahg in titanium -
A beautiful combination of exotic metal
and clean design . Well done, K'Beck !
meqleH - Classic design in stainless
steel. Brushed finish with full tang sup-
porting walnut handles.

Brian - (tpauW) Forge not named

Classic lines of the early d'k tahg in stainless steel. Brian does not have access to power tools and he shows what patience and perserverence can accomplish. This is the project after the pattern has been rough - cut.

This is the d'k tahg after all surfaces have been polished , and bevels placed . The tang is prepared to receive the handle.

Excellent work!

K'toQ - Keeper of the "Warrior's Song"

Klingon War Hammer. K'toQ's
contribution to the War hammer
project. This screams Klingon!
Excellent !!!
Closeup of the "working end"
of K'toQ's hammer.


K'toQ has made some significant design changes to the ancient "yan". Using the insight and creativity of a future Master, K'toQ has taken a clumsy blade and transformed it into a lethal work of art. Kai ! K'toQ !

may'qel - Keeper of "Heart's Edge"

may'qel's contribution to the War hammer project. Wicked !

HovLoD - Master of "Bluefire"

hovlod2.jpg (19314 bytes) Two more blades ready for handles and
their anxious warrior's. HovLoD's blades
are hard to match.
hovlod3.jpg (26829 bytes) Excellent meq !

The Sword of Kahless is always a glorious sight, but even more so when done in steel. This is a beautiful piece and very representative of HovLoD's meticulous work.

Roger - the "Magician"

As many of our members, the "Magician"
is gifted with a wide range of artistic talents.
He has worked in titanium along with Suzilla,
but in this "offering" he displays his talent
with an airbrush. The subject matter is
questionable, but I do appreciate the hard
work needed to make an old grizzled klingon
look half-way alive. Your friendship helps
keep me going Roger. Qapla' !

Suzilla - Master of "Shadowsong"

Suzilla does beautiful detail work.
The handles of her bat'leth are wound
cord and elaborate relief carvings. It is
a glorious blade to hold. The cord
provides a very secure and comfortable
feel. This is an excellent departure from
the standard leather wrap.


I like this progression. The top blade is 1/4 inch plywood used to work the *bugz* out of the design. This stresses an important point - always fit the blade to the warrior - don't fall into the *Hollywood* rut of making everyone the same. A wooden blade can be used to custom fit the warrior prior to cutting the much more expensive metals. The center blade is 1/8 th steel and the bottom blade (and final product) is 3/8 th steel. Well done !