Forges of the Imperial Weapons Guild

This is a list of members who have named their forges. Some are actively creating edged weapons for their own PERSONAL use, some are not - to open a Forge one must only have the heart of a weapon smith .  The links show you the member's current status . More will be added as they are received.

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Heart of Kri'stak : Master - K'Daq

  Bloody Hammer : Master - K'Beck
hedge.gif (2956 bytes) Heart's Edge : Keeper - may'qel
bluefire.gif (5287 bytes) Blue Fire Forge : Master - HovLoD
  Heart of the Warrior : Journeyman - Morac
shadowsong.gif (2058 bytes) Shadow Song : Journeyman - SuZilla
  Ridgehead Central : Master - QanwI' ( Bill Delude) .
For being stabbed in the back by Paramount
Pakleds this site will continue to honor Bill
Delude who tried to play by the rules.
  Awaiting naming: Journeyman - Zahra
  Sidewinder Forge: Master - toQDuj
  maS'wIch (moon myth): Master - Qolotlh
warsong.gif (982 bytes) Warrior's Song : Journeyman - K'toQ